Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Slightly lame. Yet so wonderful. I spend each day wishing I had more time to make lovely things, but when I come home I end up spending all of my free time LOOKING at lovely things... Not quite what I had in mind....  In my search, I found some of the most perfect things though, they make for great inspiration! First of all, I want this lady's life.  Dwell Studios is a company I have looked at quite a few times before, she just designs great bedding. She seems to have done well for herself....maybe she will take in an apprentice and pay me massive wages?!?! Doubtful. My favorite, you ask? This of course!
Moving on. I went to Craft Warehouse today....I didn't realize 
a. I love this place
b. This place could be SO inspiring
c. This place could take all of your money

I found something there, I didn't buy it, but will be going back for it now that I know what I am going to do with it....Some sort of resin stuff... I believe it is what this person uses to make these super cute charms, tacks, earrings......etc.....  

(familiar Petra? HERE is something you can do with all of that free time you have...)
NOW, I too, would like to make those things. Not only do I also have wonderful paper to put under the resin...I could probably make my own paper/images and use those... BRILLIANT!  

Well, there is my inspiration for today...I need to spend more time creating, less time looking..

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Ty and Molly said...

I love Dwell Studio...I have several of their baby items. Good stuff! Love your blog. ~Molly

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