Tuesday, May 27, 2008

anxiety + excitement = me

Well, I believe the countdown is at 17 days. As of June 13th, I will have a bachelor's degree (hopefully), and will be on an airplane to New York. My anxiety has gotten SO crazy, I feel like a freight train about to slam into a brick wall. WOOOOO-HOOOOOO! Here we go! I have already began planning all of these wonderful things that I want to do after graduation, for some reason, I think I am going to be swimming in free time...hmmm. I think I have a rude awakening coming. However, in an ideal world, my after graduation days would look something like this.......

M-Thurs, go to work (already this is probably not true), be home by 5pm, tidy the house cook dinner.
Friday, spend the day in my studio out in the garage, making prints. (we don't have a studio, BUT WE WILL!)
Saturday, Go to my retail job in McMinnville and be surrounded by lovely things and people that love to shop....
Sunday, whatever I want....relax, clean, print, design, ahhhh

Now, since I can't really plan that way, because it is not realistic, I have decided the better way to go about this is to prioritize the free time that I do have. SO, my plans are as follows:

1. freelance design when work is available and time allows.
2. Create an Etsy account, I think I have one, but I would actually like to use it and sell wonderful creations, which leads to my next priority:
3. make some wonderful creations.
4. buy a hosting site and create an actually good website for myself.
5. Tend to my blog more often and try to post if not daily (M-F), then weekly.
6. sew more

I don't know, I think I can do it all....I just need a little more time........

I tried to upload a little closing photo for today, but the blogger wouldn't let me, sorry. I will save it for next time!

Until then!! ¡CIAO!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I need some inspiration!

I have the end in sight, graduation is right around the corner...I have TOTALLY lost all motivation. Does this happen to everyone at this point? I suppose from the last post, I have made progress, I finished the screen print I was contemplating. It ended up a bike, Maybe I will post it on the next post, I don't have an image of it as of now. I DO however, have an official website. I also sold a print for the first time ever! YAY.

Well, that now belongs to the Monmouth Independence Community Arts Association. YAY! I am sad to see it go, yet this is the life of an artist, I either need to learn this lesson, or change careers!

I also designed this postcard/poster set for the student juried art show, (which I have two pieces accepted into)

"Bugs" is in the student art show, as is my favorite print, "War is Murder"

So, as for now, check the blog, check the website, leave me some lovely comments. Thanks!

Monday, May 5, 2008

screenprint ideas..

Well, I am to be doing sketches for screenprints, yet have no ideas....I started researching and browsing, hoping something would jump out, and of course, found some GREAT things...

First idea...Alphabet poster. I think this would be a good combination for a graphic designer/printmaker, it makes sense.
second...continue repetitive pattern theme.

Here are some of the sites I came across in my search for inspiration.

I love the colors and layering of this work

Maybe a lion and a pattern, illustrated and colorful, of course.

I don't know, I will come back to this later...

Trying to jump on the green train...