Saturday, February 27, 2010

sketches and art and design, oh my!

Apparently, NOT having a design job is my inspiration for doing design. I miss it so bad lately, that I spend so much time looking and loving design. I have begun trying to get a website for myself done again, I am stuck, but trying to get past it and will hopefully seek out help before I give up. We'll see.. . . .

Anyway, my other focus area in my art degree is printmaking. OH, I love printmaking. I talk about it, think about it, but NEVER do I actually do it. Why, you ask?? I don't know. It is challenging. So, today, I sat down and decided to do a little sketch (the beginning of a possible print idea...) I really love red coral, I love it in it's raw, organic form. I love it's imperfect shapes. I love it's saturated red color. SO, I did research and sketched a little sketch:

tada. I think it would make a cute little print on a postcard sized paper. Off-white paper, of course. Well, that's all for now. :)

for all you customer service workers:

I was looking over some of my favorite design blogs and I came across this site: Now. This is aimed at graphic and web designers, but I think that anyone that works with clients can really appreciate this site. When I look at this, I think, really, if you think you can do it yourself, BY ALL MEANS, do so.

I really look forward to getting back into graphic design, I really miss it.... However, I don't look forward to working with unappreciative clients. Oh well, I guess every job has it's gives and takes!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I know it's early, but....

I started my plants for the garden already! We got 72 pods planted with vegetable seeds, ready to warm up in the dining room, so they are nice and hardy for the outdoor transplant around April/May. It is WAY early, but I get SO excited! And anyway, in the past I have always thought that I was too late. It starts out that I think it's right on time, but my veggies come late in the year and then I have to stress out about whether or not they will have enough sun to turn, you know. Well, here is stage one... Oh, and you can see, I had my helper with me as well, she planted half the pods and helped make the little flag labels (her idea!) Cute!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


It was sure great to see the sun today - I realize that it gives me a whole new outlook on my day, better mood, more motivation. Amazing. Today was great, the sun was shining, I even hit the gym after work (pointless, considering I finished the night with a cheeseburger and tater tots, YUM), point is, I went. What makes me sad is that I know it's just a tease, see, I want the sun to STAY! I see you coming rain, and I don't like it one bit.

well, for now, I am just going to enjoy a couple of sunny days! Enjoy yours as well.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

typography poster ~

So, here I am, now a preschool teacher. I enjoy my job, and the convenience, wow! I work minutes from my house and am off of work by 3 almost every day. I can't beat that. However, with all of this, I have been dreaming, obsessing even, over the graphic design part of me that has become inactive. I have been pouring through design blogs constantly, and dreaming of screenprinting as well. Needless to say, in my search today, I found something that I just can't pass up, it is worth sharing, I think.

I saw this poster, made by the birds and the beasts, on a blog that I also just found today, The Scoop. What a great poster, well written and oh so true.

I wonder if I will have the motivation to begin doing printing and design as a hobby now, so I can really enjoy it, since I realize how much I miss it when it is gone... I hope so.

Trying to jump on the green train...