Sunday, August 23, 2009


well. It's official. I am Mrs. Esther Therese Stewart. Great wedding. Great day. Great company. Who could ask for anything more? Thanks to EVERYONE who was able to make it out, we truly enjoyed our day. Here are a few pics to enjoy!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The last week

Well, I feel like this is a milestone week, I should definitely post!! This weekend, Saturday, to be exact, is the day we tie the knot! We have been busily working, worrying and trying to remain extremely calm, all at the same time. For not having a "wedding", I sure feel like we have been planning one! So, as of now, the house is ready on the outside.... not even close on the inside, it needs one good day of cleaning. I think that will wait until Friday, I have learned that a clean house only lasts about 24 hours around here, I don't want to do it twice..

Food is taken care of, The Reverend Alyssa Gasca is ready to marry us in the yard (I am SO excited about this fact!), beer keg: ordered. Port a potty: ordered. Wine:handled. I think officially, there are about 3 things that I have left to take care of... ugh. wow.

I continue to tell myself this, for all of you stressed party planners: No matter what, the only person that will notice anything missing, is you. If people don't see it, they won't even think about it. SO, with that said, no worries. I am calm as a freakin' crazy cucumber!!! :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Garden.

Well... The garden is doing pretty well this year. We ate 1 cherry tomato, a zucchini, some green beans and green onions out of it so far. That is pretty good! We have an OVER-abundance of jungle-like tomato plants, but none of them seem to want to turn red.... hmmm. Don't know what to do about that. I seem to have this problem every year. Is it not enough sun for a long period of time?? I don't know what the deal with them is. Well, here are some photos of my fruits (and vegetables) of labor:

Zucchini blossoms

tomato jungle... seriously, not ONE red tomato on there.

See those two cute green beans... yum.

And, I must say, that is the cutest little cucumber I have ever seen.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Some updates!

Well, awhile back, like, in JUNE (yes, I am that much of a slacker) we had some wonderful visitors. As usual, I did not take enough photos, but got one or two pretty cute ones. My cousins, Maya and Dylan, and their mates, Elizabeth and Mike came up on a road trip. We enjoyed them SO SO much and are hoping to see them all again in a couple of weeks. . . It really makes me wish we could live closer to them. They are so much fun. As I said, I didn't get too many photos, but I did love this one of Maya with my girls, Nico and Sophia.

Unfortunately, later on that night, the kids were bad and got put in the cage that we keep in our living room.... :(

JUST KIDDING -- that is Nico's crate and the kids being dorks. Imagine that! These two are something else when they get together.

Some more recent news is.......... drumroll please.................... we have arrived home from a week on the canoe journey. And I have a couple of pics. From day one. Then I never took another photo, the whole time. :) Yes, that's how I work!

Above is a photo of the beach before our canoe came into shore on the first day, as this beach filled up with these hand-dug canoes, it was a pretty amazing site to see.

The front seat in the canoe is called the princess seat.... can you see who is in there?? Look closer:

OF COURSE, should've known. It is Sophia, all smiles!
We had a great time. I paddled about a day and a half, a total of maybe 17-18 miles. Sounds like a lot to me, but really, it is nothing compared to what most people paddle on this journey. It is a lot of work, but, every year I return and can't wait for the next year. It is really a great experience, hard work, but tons of fun.

In other news, my garden is out of control -- it is a pure jungle. I have about 7 tomato plants that are taking over, yet no red tomatoes. I ate my first pole beans today, right off of the plant. They were delicious. And, my green onions are HUGE. Hope to get pictures up soon.

Still job searching, but definitely not complaining.

Summer is so much more fun outside, than on the computer!

Trying to jump on the green train...