Monday, May 31, 2010

Life - so far 2010.

Well, so far, 2010 has been rough. I have mentally decided, I am getting OUT of this funk, sunshine or no sunshine! With the loss of both Grandfathers and one Grandmother since last September, I have definitely been falling, physically and mentally. I have been sick now for about 6 weeks straight - 3 body infections, pinkeye and some crazy sore throat that just won't quit. I went to the Dr for the sore throat and she called the next day to ask if I wanted anti-depressants... ummm, that's weird! Do those help with sore throats? haha, anyway, um no thanks. I think the best thing I can do and the thing my body REALLY needs is for me to chill it out. Find some time for me, relax. Lose the stress and I think I will lose the sick. Most of the stressful situations have passed, we have survived all of them, my grieving has slowed and am finally at the point where I have taken responsibility and decided, if something needs changed, change it. The only thing left is Sophia's surgery, August 16th. I am nervous, but I know the idea of not having it done is SO much worse than just sucking it up and getting it done. Once that is over, no more excuses, I am getting out of this funk once and for all. In the meantime: naps, shrink, positive thoughts.

Oh, and vacation to New York: countdown is 2 weeks. YIPEE!

Monday, May 24, 2010

been designin'

I have been missing design. I want to be freelancing. As of now, I have just been playing around on my free time and spending less time working and more time napping and relaxing. Here's what I've been up to:

Business card idea for a friend

I followed a tutorial for this one, in case Travis ever decides he should brew his own beer.
I think this should be the label.

I guess now I should work on promoting myself! Ouch, that's the hardest part.

Monday, May 10, 2010

design. mother's day. life.

I will start with design! I found an etsy shop yesterday that I am definitely going to support (when I can afford to, of course). This girl makes the most flattering and simple tops, they are reasonably priced too! Here is a link to crystalindumentaria's etsy site.

And here's my fave top of hers:
Makes me want to buy new clothes and sew and get creative and stuff. Yep, all that from one Etsy shop. Amazing.

On another note, Mother's Day was spectacular. I started the day with pure laziness (my favorite thing). I slept in and then browsed the internet with a cup of my Keurig coffee in hand, with the house to myself. You just can't beat that. We later headed to my mom's to help her with her garden as her gift. We laughed and decided that, if you raise 5 kids, there is no guilt in having them come over and shovel hot, stinky compost (okay, be honest, it's shit) from the front to the back yard. And we did it, and we loved it. Happy Mother's Day, mama. We then planted the garden for her and really got her off to a good start! It was great time spent with my sister, brothers, significant others, nieces, nephews and folks. And a beautiful, sunny day to top it all off!

I feel blessed to have the family that I have. This has by far been some of the hardest couple of months I have ever had to endure. With health issues, life stress and the passing of my beloved Grandma, I think I have definitely been given the test of life. I have to give one big thank you to my daughter, husband, family and friends for truly being there through the thick and thin. I am blessed.

Love these two.

Trying to jump on the green train...