Monday, March 31, 2008

Back to the grind.

Well, I have officially ended my vacation and am back for my final term. Exciting, but SO scary! I feel like this will be a crucial term though, with this term, I will create a portfolio, have 2 gallery shows and do an oral presentation for all that want to come and see. What I won't do is walk for graduation. I will be busy celebrating my freedom amongst the streets of New York. But, the party will come, along with my return from New York, and it will be a grand celebration.

I have so many things that I would like to share today, but, as of now, the time doesn't permit, and I will return later.....maybe.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Information central...

Wow, I just came from a post on about textile and paper design, I think this is a secret dream of mine. Regardless, this was BY FAR, the most informative blog conversation I have ever read, and I have a PILE of information. Here is a quick list of resources.

for fabric printing
for fabric screenprinting (small runs available)

advanced Digital Textiles screenprint supplies and will also burn screens for you



Design tutorials


Craft, 101 by Mateo Ilasco

Art Licensing by Michael Woodward

Design Your Own Repeat Patterns : A Quick and Easy Approach By V. Ann Waterman

SO, I hope this is a helpful bank of information, I know that I will be busy researching ALL of these over the next week, just to see what it is all about. Enjoy. I will also add a few of these links my list.

Friday, March 21, 2008

spring and easter...yay

You know the time right before a holiday when you start getting excited for whatever particular reason you do? I think my reason is to see Sophia excited, and to start traditions with her.
SO, with Easter approaching (quickly and unexpectedly, I must say), today was the first day of that feeling. I hit the grocery store. I had to go anyways, but I got a liiiiittle carried away, and this is what our day has come to:

It was fun, anyhow.

I also got excited about the Easter lilies, they were SOOO pretty, and CHEAP!

And that is why we love Easter and Spring!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Did you wear green today?

Well you should have. It's St. Patty's Day! It is also the last day that I actually had to participate in a final for this term. Just a short, quick, and painless presentation, so it was okay. Myself and my two partners presented our website that we designed. so I think I can officially say I have finished one more term. Now, I have been wanting to post images lately, yet the Blogger won't let me....hmmmm, I don't know if anyone else is having this problem, but it is frustrating!!! So, I will try to post some of my latest. I will try to post my tea packaging, I will try to post the logos I made for my sister, Alyssa, but if there are no images throughout this blog entry, it means it is not letting me, and I guess I need to investigate....

The logo:

And as for tea:

Okay, apparently we are back in business!! Maybe it was just testing my patience and I didn't pass....wouldn't be the first time!

Oh, and one last thing: guess who was on the tube today.....Little miss Sophia and her daddy Travis. They were on a reality show called Little People Big World that is filmed here in Oregon. The tribe helped the family of little people build a longhouse on their property, and then they had a big salmon bake and ceremony there and Travis and Sophia went. Tonight the show aired and I must say, she looks pretty cute! Almost brought some tears to my eyes! She is a little star already! (To me anyway!)
Here is the link to the channel that they are on, you can get some info on the show, but unfortunately can't watch it! AAARGH!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

top of the mountain!!

YAY, just to let you all know, I have been losing my mind over this website I was to create. Basically, I was assigned to a customer who owns a janitorial business, and myself and two others were to design and create a website for her. Well, today, I sat with her (customer) for 6 hours at Starbucks, and as of about two minutes ago, I can say this website is FINITO! I am so excited! It is great to learn those new skills, and in the same sentence, it is a HUGE accomplishment to finish this. One more step towards the end of my school road! Check it out:

Monday, March 10, 2008


Well, here I sit, avoiding all that I have to do! At times I wonder if I enjoy the torture of the last minute deadline. Anything is more exciting than homework, I would rather scrub the toilets, and have in fact, just to avoid homework. WOW, that really says something. I have, however, hit almost the end of another term. I am looking at two weeks, and then it Spring Break! WOW, it really does go fast. Next term is going to be done before I know it, and then there I will be: JOB-HUNTING! Ooooh, a little scary, I must say!

Well, on another note, Miss Sophia will be having her ballet recital soon, the last weekend of May, first weekend of June. Thurs-Sun, I hope some of you can make it. It will be fabulous, I am so excited. Her class will be dressed up as dolls, and that is all I know! Her teacher does a great job of not really letting us know, so it is fresh and exciting to us as well. We are only allowed to watch one class per month, I think it's for the benefit of us all, her included! Anyhow, they are just so cute!! I tried to upload a photo from her Christmas recital, but Blogger is against it and won't work...sorry.

One last thing, I found these patterns on the sunset blog I noted last post, I am a little bit of a fabric enthusiast, so I though I should share them, they are beautiful!

Okay, I am off to homework land........

Monday, March 3, 2008

flying out---->

So, here I sit in the airport, waiting to fly out. It is actually extremely enjoyable, here is why: This is not only the first time I have had to myself in a long time, but, time to sit and read a magazine! Wow, that has been awhile, and I am a magazine junky! I get to just sit, relax, people-watch, and read a magazine, by myself, with nobody even talking to me. I should pretend to fly out more often...haha, maybe this is why I like traveling!
Beyond all of that, I have re-realized how much I enjoy Sunset Magazine, it may even be my next subscription. It is local and they cover EVERYTHING! They have travel, gardening, recipes, and great photos. I have just regained an appreciation, I like that. Within the first five pages, I decided I needed to get online and check some of the sites (it's funny how I feel as though I can't read a magazine without the internet close by any longer), this is good and bad. But, I also realized, they have great blogs! Here is one I will add it to my list, check it out! Enjoy!

Trying to jump on the green train...