Thursday, April 24, 2008

A couple of good etsy finds

This shop has some great pendants, wooden and also graphics transfered onto glass, cute images and color choices

This second one is a brother sister duo, they make t-shirts. Pretty great ones at that.

That's it for today!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Today, I spent hours....

Screenprinting. I was so stressed prior to the day, but actually ended up really enjoying myself and having a great day. I came home feeling so accomplished, it was great.

I have been blog searching like crazy, it has become one of my favorite ways to pass the time (way too much time). I hope one day I can have one of these design blogs that I love to look at so much, oooh, what fun that would be. I just though I would link a few more blog sites that I enjoy checking out, and new ones that I have found.

Rebeca Mendez is an artist that I have highlighted before, yet, I didn't highlight her correctly. In an earlier post, I put a picture of a wine label I designed (Lush wine), this label was based on Rebeca Mendez's design, SO, I think I should link her website here.

Rebeca has one project in particular, that I love, here is the description:
Here Over There is a photographic series that began on the island of Chiloe, Chile, on December 23, 2002 and continues to this date. I photograph the beds I sleep on during my travels with consistent parameters—the image is taken as soon as I awake, on the first morning of my stay, with the available light, with a hand held camera, and from the same point of view. The idea of my hotel beds came from the thought that I might never sleep in this bed again, and most likely I will never even remember this intimate moment of full surrendering.

For some reason, I just love this! Some of her photos are beautiful, and they give you a view into such a personal situation.

Secondly, I just came across a blog that I fell in love with. I like blogs that are not only design-based, yet a little bit personal, maybe I am just nosey, but I like to know of people's lives. Here is her link "Making it lovely" And, for the record, I found her through the decor8 bloggers list of favorite blogs.

Monday, April 21, 2008

It's been awhile,

I have been slacking. Well, here's the catch-up, the term is FLYING by, I can't even believe it. I am SO excited, yet, scared. Does graduation mean I have to get a real job? Does that mean I can no longer just float on by and have someone tell me what to do each day, I actually have to self-motivate...AAAAAHHHHH! That is scary. So, I suppose I will just shoot back into reality and the next thing you know, I will be going to my 9-5 each day.

In other news....I went back to Nectar today. It was great, I missed it. (if you are not familiar, this is where I go to apprentice) I haven't been for awhile due to my schedule not really fitting with theirs, but we figured it out. I was just there for about 3 hours, but it was fun to be back.

I have also been focusing on trying to get a portfolio together, it is fun. Getting all of my artwork together and looking at it as a cohesive whole is amazing. Just putting it all in one room and photographing it has really built confidence. I actually feel as though there is a theme behind it, which I didn't see before, so that is nice. I will have my official "senior show" here soon, May 9th, so I have got to get it all together and ready to be hung....That is also scary. But should be fun.
As soon as I have a web link for a portfolio, (which will be soon due to assignments), I will put it on here for all to see.

Oh, and one last thing, How About Orange had these coasters on her post today, if any of you ever want to buy me a gift, I LOVE these!

(not that I need coasters....)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

The return of the pattern

I have once again been trying to successfully create pattern. Mainly for prints, yet a little for other reasons....I just love pattern. Here area a few I'm working with now, maybe you will recognize the blue floral pattern from a previous post:

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Postcard week

It must be the week of postcards, that is pretty much all that I have been designing this week. One for my sister's pilates business and one for the student juried art show at school. Here is what I have for each so far...

I am obviously on a circle streak...I love them!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

new inspiration

With the new term and new projects swamping me down already, I have come across such wonderful inspiration. My goal for printmaking class this term is to continue on my pattern theme. I just am madly in love with fabric and wallpaper prints, and found so much wonderful inspiration from so many sites this week. Here are just a few!

Print and pattern has some great patterns featured on the blog sometimes. A few that I found:

The Reprot Depot also has some nice fabric images, here are a couple of my favorites:

I found so many other great patterns as well, unfortunately, I am not organized enough to save them as to where they were found online, so I will probably never find them again...At least I learned this lesson for next time. Hope you enjoy. I am now off to sleep, so I can be back at it in the morning!

Trying to jump on the green train...