Sunday, June 20, 2010

Oh I still love you, New York.

Well, we're back. New York was great - so much walking. I was wishing I had worn a pedometer for a couple of the days, it would be interesting to know what kind of mileage I put in. My legs are still aching. This year, we didn't hit nearly as many museums, but we had a blast. I saw Coney Island for the first time and rode the rickety old roller coaster there - yikes! It was quite scary, I wish I could've stayed for this weekend, Coney Island had a mermaid festival yesterday that I would love to see one day. Holy nudity:

We also hit Six Flags in New Jersey this trip. It was a fist-pumping, Jersey Shore, guido-filled day of fun. I fit right in! :) Now, I have never been to a Six Flags. I was expecting 2 good roller coasters and a bunch of other mediocre ones. Nope. Not the case at all. This place is full of fright! We went on at least 10 roller coasters, all of which gave me massive anxiety prior to loading. Never have I felt so excited and stupid at the same time. It was so fun - muggy and hot, but super fun.
One other thing that Travis and I had on our to-do list this year was see the bamboo exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Travis has built this pretty heavy obsession with bamboo in the past few years - it will be taking over our house in about 10 years, I am sure. So, with this love, how lucky for us to land in NY while this exhibit was on display. WOW, and what a job. These guys just sit around tying bamboo together, listening to music all day. They have created this structure that is crazy. Huge. And, it has a complete walkway that you can take a tour and walk through.
The steps -

up close -

From Central Park -

and happy to be home ~

Saturday, June 5, 2010

My princess, among other things...

As the end of the school year wraps up, so does ballet for the season. Sophia's ballet class is putting on their final performance this weekend - yes, ALL weekend. She has ballet coming out her ears, from Wednesday to Sunday. This year, they are performing Giselle. Travis and I went and watched last night, she was wonderful. It never gets easier, I try to not cry, and I am SO filled with pride. Wow, amazing what that girl does to me! Well, here are a couple of photos that we took on Thursday during dress rehearsal, not on stage, but in her costume.

I didn't realize until now, she is quite tall, wow, she is growing fast!

In other news, I had to make some posters for a literacy project that I participate in and for one of them, my family starred. Here's the final look! Travis hates it, but look how happy Sophia is, and Nico is pretty cute too!

Trying to jump on the green train...