Wednesday, March 12, 2008

top of the mountain!!

YAY, just to let you all know, I have been losing my mind over this website I was to create. Basically, I was assigned to a customer who owns a janitorial business, and myself and two others were to design and create a website for her. Well, today, I sat with her (customer) for 6 hours at Starbucks, and as of about two minutes ago, I can say this website is FINITO! I am so excited! It is great to learn those new skills, and in the same sentence, it is a HUGE accomplishment to finish this. One more step towards the end of my school road! Check it out:

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Petra & John said...

Great job -- Sounds very rewarding. Have you started a countdown yet til the end of school?

Loved the beautiful picture we received in the mail from Sophia. It's being displayed on our fridge! XOXO


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