Monday, March 10, 2008


Well, here I sit, avoiding all that I have to do! At times I wonder if I enjoy the torture of the last minute deadline. Anything is more exciting than homework, I would rather scrub the toilets, and have in fact, just to avoid homework. WOW, that really says something. I have, however, hit almost the end of another term. I am looking at two weeks, and then it Spring Break! WOW, it really does go fast. Next term is going to be done before I know it, and then there I will be: JOB-HUNTING! Ooooh, a little scary, I must say!

Well, on another note, Miss Sophia will be having her ballet recital soon, the last weekend of May, first weekend of June. Thurs-Sun, I hope some of you can make it. It will be fabulous, I am so excited. Her class will be dressed up as dolls, and that is all I know! Her teacher does a great job of not really letting us know, so it is fresh and exciting to us as well. We are only allowed to watch one class per month, I think it's for the benefit of us all, her included! Anyhow, they are just so cute!! I tried to upload a photo from her Christmas recital, but Blogger is against it and won't work...sorry.

One last thing, I found these patterns on the sunset blog I noted last post, I am a little bit of a fabric enthusiast, so I though I should share them, they are beautiful!

Okay, I am off to homework land........

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