Monday, March 3, 2008

flying out---->

So, here I sit in the airport, waiting to fly out. It is actually extremely enjoyable, here is why: This is not only the first time I have had to myself in a long time, but, time to sit and read a magazine! Wow, that has been awhile, and I am a magazine junky! I get to just sit, relax, people-watch, and read a magazine, by myself, with nobody even talking to me. I should pretend to fly out more often...haha, maybe this is why I like traveling!
Beyond all of that, I have re-realized how much I enjoy Sunset Magazine, it may even be my next subscription. It is local and they cover EVERYTHING! They have travel, gardening, recipes, and great photos. I have just regained an appreciation, I like that. Within the first five pages, I decided I needed to get online and check some of the sites (it's funny how I feel as though I can't read a magazine without the internet close by any longer), this is good and bad. But, I also realized, they have great blogs! Here is one I will add it to my list, check it out! Enjoy!

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Petra & John said...

I love that Sunset blog... thanks for passing it on. Safe travels!

Trying to jump on the green train...