Saturday, February 13, 2010

typography poster ~

So, here I am, now a preschool teacher. I enjoy my job, and the convenience, wow! I work minutes from my house and am off of work by 3 almost every day. I can't beat that. However, with all of this, I have been dreaming, obsessing even, over the graphic design part of me that has become inactive. I have been pouring through design blogs constantly, and dreaming of screenprinting as well. Needless to say, in my search today, I found something that I just can't pass up, it is worth sharing, I think.

I saw this poster, made by the birds and the beasts, on a blog that I also just found today, The Scoop. What a great poster, well written and oh so true.

I wonder if I will have the motivation to begin doing printing and design as a hobby now, so I can really enjoy it, since I realize how much I miss it when it is gone... I hope so.

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Petra said...

Motivate, motivate, motivate! I wouldn't mind taking a few creations off your hands once this hobby gets back in gear! Just one of those things that S-I-L's have to do! ;)

Miss you!

Trying to jump on the green train...