Monday, July 6, 2009

Next phase (life).

Well, here is day one, of week one, of unemployment. So far -- pretty productive! I have had some serious inner soul searching: Starting with a breakdown, and now realizing I now have the opportunity to evaluate my situation and decide what direction should I go in. Sounds glamorous, but it is so hard, in reality, to accept. For now. I am working on making this an opportunity and trying to see it as a time to really figure out what it is that I should (or better yet, WANT) to do. At this point, I LOVE graphic design and would love to continue on that path, design, printmaking, screenprinting, sewing: I think I really need to take time to do these things that I love. It makes me happy and pleasant. It releases the creative juices. The challenge is finding a way to earn money from it so I can continue to help support my family, and ensure that Travis does not take all the financial stress, my part to keep him happy as well. Beyond that, I want to work part-time. I think the ultimate situation would be to work 1/2 time in education, with kids, and the other half at home creatively. These are the things that I enjoy, and truly can't decide between.
Moving on, I am sure you are saying "Productive day, yeah right, what have you done today??" Well, I was up at 6:45, got a cup of coffee and spent about 15 minutes just holding my girl. THAT is what I needed today. Once she was ready for school, we were off, and she was at school and I was at the gym. excercised. Headed to the post office to pay bills, came home, showered, did the dishes. And here I am: 10:13 am and ready to start trying to build myself a website. Not too shabby. However, as I said, this is day one, we will see what day two brings! Ciao!


Petra said...

I love it! What a very productive morning!

Can you come to my house and start my laundry for me?

_g said...

I was up at five.

As an unabashed fan of lil' Sophia, I'd have loved to goof off w/her instead of the dishes, etc. :) I am pretty upset that you don't live closer! Argh! We could have walked the dogs together. You know, the lab-squad? :)

Miss ya, and ask if you need any help with the web- though you may be able to school me on a few things! :D

E. Street Chronicles said...

I know that you will be successful with whatever it is you choose as your path! Enjoy the little moments with Sophia for now! I love you and wish you the best.

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