Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Etsy.

So far, so good. I made my first official sale via etsy.com the other day and it felt good. It was also surprisingly motivating! I was thinking 'Uh oh, I just sold half my inventory!'. So, with that, I am going to stock that baby to the gills. Keep checking back. I am trying to keep things fresh and new there, so there is constantly something to look forward to! My link is on the sidebar (of this here blog), but just for extra credit, You can also click here to get to the shop.

I know I am a couple days behind on the Father's Day post, but I don't feel as though I want to let it pass without recognizing it. I was lucky enough to get to celebrate with 4, YES 4, great dads. First of all, Travis
-- best dad ever. Sophia and I got him a hammock and we spent the day in the yard doing yardwork and planting new bamboo (his other baby).

I was also lucky enough to run into my dad on that special day. He is great -- thanks to him for not only being an awesome dad, but also, a WONDERFUL Grandpa. So amazing to watch him and Sophia together, they make quite the pair, and share a hilarious sense of humor.

Now for dad #3, Tim has been my other wonderful dad and Grandpa for Sophia, thanks to him for also being so wonderful and accepting in ALL that I do. So supportive and always kind.

Last dad of the post, dad #4, Brother John. My brother was lucky enough to celebrate his first ever father's day. What a lucky guy, he somehow got one of the CUTEST baby girls ever! He is a great dad and I am so proud of him..... Now if only I could get him to move a liiiittttle bit closer so I could see his lovely family more often...
That is only 4 of the great dad's I know and admire. You guys are all so special in my life. With that said, I also must recognize the other side, Happy Father's Day to ALL the dad's, including Uncle Toby, Uncle Ariah, Grandpa Bob -- You guys are all wonderful!


Petra said...

I got a little teary.... great post!!

fasana*design said...

no worries, so did I!! But, then, I get teary eyed at most things. :)

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