Sunday, April 5, 2009

vacation - weekends - why can't it always be?

Well, I have finally moved some photos from the camera to the computer! Wow, that is progress. Last week we had a great vacation, we headed out on the annual Sunriver vacation. we were busy pretty much the whole time -- which is NOT my definition of a vacation -- but it was so much fun, I didn't even notice. we spent time sledding, biking, rock climbing, snowboarding, swimming, hot-tubbing and just about everything else that is there to do. As you can see, there were kid monkeys and a man-monkey (I think he is the OLDEST sibling.?.) We finally got to meet the newest member of the family, Little miss Skylar -- and Sophia got a chance to hold her while she was enjoying herself -- this made Sophia's vacation!  We got to spend lots of great time with the fam, and some great time together. I really enjoyed spending time with my nieces and nephew, I don't see them enough! So here is a quick little bit of photo memorabilia from the trip, enjoy!

weeeeee! Sledding -- shortly before Ariah strapped on Sophia's tiny snowboard for backflips down the mountain!

monkey man.... and the monkey kids!  Think they're related???
cutest girl ever (well, one of them....) definitely most photogenic!
FINALLY, I got to hold her!! That is a proud big cousin!
THE CREW.... almost. A few missing.....
Mt. Bachelor -- beautiful day!

Yesterday, Sophia and I had a great day. Every once in awhile, it has to be all about her, well, most days are, but this one REALLY was. We  had to get some new earrings for her ears, because she has officially reached the point where she can change them. Unfortunately, the ones she picked out must be for baby ears, they are not quite long enough - so we are back to the rubies, which is fine with me, I like them!  After picking out new earrings, we went to Grandma's house, and cousin Lucia and Grandma went with us to Sophia's first horseback riding lesson. She was amazing, like she had been doing it forever. She looked great with the horse, and the horse was great with her. I was so proud! CowGIRL up! ha ha ha

After riding, we got a couple great photos of the girls -- these cousins are best buds!

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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the last picture of the girls. So darn cute!!

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