Monday, December 29, 2008


Well, we had a little bit of snow this season...Only about 2 feet at my house! I missed quite a bit of work, was forced to stay in for quite some time (which is not said in happiness or sadness, just awkward!). I will post photos at some point, BUT I have excuses as to why I haven't been blogging and need help from all of you first:  

#1: My little Macbook died, hard drive crashed and I have lost EVERYTHING. This includes all the links to my favorite blogs (Sandy, Molly, etc...) I need the links!! I love checking in and now I can't.  wah.

#2: We have not had the internet for over a week -- which means no blogging...I might be doing this from work...maybe. 

#3: I got a new camera and have not gotten a chance to install the new software, once that all goes down, I will post new photos. 

These are my excuses... :) Happy winter!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, we sure did. I think the winning gift this year was a Wii from Travis's mom, it has been quite a hit at our house, tons of fun. Sophia is an amazing bowler, by the way! :)

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