Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Today, I spent hours....

Screenprinting. I was so stressed prior to the day, but actually ended up really enjoying myself and having a great day. I came home feeling so accomplished, it was great.

I have been blog searching like crazy, it has become one of my favorite ways to pass the time (way too much time). I hope one day I can have one of these design blogs that I love to look at so much, oooh, what fun that would be. I just though I would link a few more blog sites that I enjoy checking out, and new ones that I have found.

Rebeca Mendez is an artist that I have highlighted before, yet, I didn't highlight her correctly. In an earlier post, I put a picture of a wine label I designed (Lush wine), this label was based on Rebeca Mendez's design, SO, I think I should link her website here.

Rebeca has one project in particular, that I love, here is the description:
Here Over There is a photographic series that began on the island of Chiloe, Chile, on December 23, 2002 and continues to this date. I photograph the beds I sleep on during my travels with consistent parameters—the image is taken as soon as I awake, on the first morning of my stay, with the available light, with a hand held camera, and from the same point of view. The idea of my hotel beds came from the thought that I might never sleep in this bed again, and most likely I will never even remember this intimate moment of full surrendering.

For some reason, I just love this! Some of her photos are beautiful, and they give you a view into such a personal situation.

Secondly, I just came across a blog that I fell in love with. I like blogs that are not only design-based, yet a little bit personal, maybe I am just nosey, but I like to know of people's lives. Here is her link "Making it lovely" And, for the record, I found her through the decor8 bloggers list of favorite blogs.

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