Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A day in the life....

Well, thank you Petra for the motivation to continue this....This is one of those things I started about a year ago, but didn't even post one single blog. I just set up the account and put it on the back burner. So, with my intent and Petra's motivation, I will start now, and hopefully continue to keep up with the updating.
For my first blog, I am going to give an overall: What have I been up to? Well, in my mind, I am SOOO busy, but that is because I am living in this life. I currently spend my days either at work or at school. (Until June, YAY Graduation!) I then come home and finish by doing homework, making dinner, and trying to not neglect my daughter and Travis, by spending some time with them, not always easy! (If I am really ambitious, I will maybe even clean some of the house). In June I will graduate with a bachelor's degree in art, focus areas are Graphic Design and Printmaking. So, possibly a lot of this blog may end up with great links and pictures of wonderful design, I love it in every form (print, interior, fashion, etc....).

Some sites I check often:

Well, that should get you started. Happy browsing. Now let's see how well I can keep up with this thing!


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Joann Mercier said...

Esther, I'm so proud of you! It's very difficult to balance a family, school and work.
You're a superstar!!
Love ya!

Trying to jump on the green train...