Tuesday, March 17, 2009

new design inspiration

was browsing the wonderful wide world we like to call web, and I came across some design inspiration... First was this designer out of Seattle. He has some great stuff, here is a link to his blog. Here is a link to his website. The one thing that really caught my eye was this simple logo/postcard:
Seems as though wood grain (even faux) is really becoming a trend right now.

Another thing I saw this week, (and I can't remember where....sorry) was this BEAUTIFULLY stitched reserved sign. I believe this was used at a wedding of sorts and I think it is perfect.
There is something in stitching that I find to be so beautiful. It is definitely one of my most favorite things.

One last thing, just for kicks, HERE is a link to my urban dictionary word of the day: Social Notworking. Something I have gotten really good at!

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