Monday, August 23, 2010

August: Family, friends, food, fun and..... surgery??

Here we are at the end of AUGUST! Yikes. I can't believe how this summer has flown by. Maybe it was the lack of summer that came with it, or the busy days, but for whatever reason, I am not ready for Sophia to be back to school and the end of my sunny days to be in sight. This month has brought a lot of fun and positivity, along with a lot of emotion and stress.

Sophia and I spent a weekend flying to California for a family (bittersweet) memorial. We mourned the loss of Grandparents, while spending some wonderful time with family. We crammed some great quality time in two days for instance:

Nature walks to the skinny dippin' hole

Time with Brother John and his beautiful wife and baby.

The Fasana Posse dinner.

And some much needed, dirty play time with the Loosh.

On the way out, we flew out of a tiny airport in Santa Rosa. Good thing we got there two hours early to sit in the one room airport with the other 20 people. hmmm. Lucky for us, it was the Charles M. Schultz airport, so we had some friends to visit/pose with while waiting in the sunshine!
Charlie Brown, Linus and Sophia!

So, following a weekend in California, we returned to spend 2 days in the hospital. We had a planned procedure, Sophia had a minor surgery and we had to spend the night. She is great, healthy, healing up wonderfully, but it brought a lot of stress for parents! Yikes. Of course, in Sophia's social way, she made a great new friend. We shared a room with another little girl that had the exact same procedure done about an hour prior to Sophia. She was 5 and the two girls had a great time together... considering they were each bound to a gurney.

This is right as we were released to head home - Sophia and Kirsten.

To top it all off, Trav and I celebrated our 1st (married) anniversary yesterday. We hit the beach for breakfast, brought Sophia home and then went back to the beach for shopping, dreaming of lake houses and Thai food dinner. Happy 1st, we made it.

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Petra said...

Ahh... congrats on 1 year married!

I'm sure you're relieved to have the surgery over with. How crazy that Kirsten had the same procedure done an hour earlier!

Love you guys!

Trying to jump on the green train...