Monday, July 26, 2010

birthday wedding birthday

We had an eventful and fun weekend, however, I am so glad I took today off to recuperate! My mom had a beautiful bbq on Friday for the July/August Birthdays. We celebrated about 5 birthdays in one night, it was quite the celebration. Because of all the events this weekend, we got an extra special treat of family in town. My brother John and his wife and daughter came up from Reno. Skylar is about 20 months old and pretty dang cute. She is such a little person, with more attitude than I would think could fit in her little body. But she is SO darn cute! I am horrible about taking pictures, so here is the one I got of her, with my phone:

She is handing me a plastic pizza cutter :) so. so. cute.

We also had a beautiful wedding on Saturday - Lydia, my step-sister got married. What a beautiful wedding, at a gorgeous setting. They held a small wedding at the groom's parents house. Lydia looked amazing and was glowing with happiness, which was wonderful to see.
Congrats Joe and Lydia - love you guys!

Sunday morning we woke up and began the big birthday for Sophia, she is officially 7 today. Wow, where did that time go. We had a great birthday at the park, it was hot and the fountains were much appreciated by the kiddos! She is growing into quite the young lady. Sometimes I catch her being a kiddo, sometimes she seems more like she's 17, and I am not ready for that! We had 3 girls sleep over last night, plenty of giggling filled the house until I had to crack down and quiet them. Finally, we all slept and there was peace in the house.

Happy Birthday to my sweetest gift ever - I love you Sophia! Here's to another great year with you --

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Petra said...

Very cute! We loved seeing you guys and am so happy that we were able to share in the birthday celebrations.

See you soon.

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