Monday, May 31, 2010

Life - so far 2010.

Well, so far, 2010 has been rough. I have mentally decided, I am getting OUT of this funk, sunshine or no sunshine! With the loss of both Grandfathers and one Grandmother since last September, I have definitely been falling, physically and mentally. I have been sick now for about 6 weeks straight - 3 body infections, pinkeye and some crazy sore throat that just won't quit. I went to the Dr for the sore throat and she called the next day to ask if I wanted anti-depressants... ummm, that's weird! Do those help with sore throats? haha, anyway, um no thanks. I think the best thing I can do and the thing my body REALLY needs is for me to chill it out. Find some time for me, relax. Lose the stress and I think I will lose the sick. Most of the stressful situations have passed, we have survived all of them, my grieving has slowed and am finally at the point where I have taken responsibility and decided, if something needs changed, change it. The only thing left is Sophia's surgery, August 16th. I am nervous, but I know the idea of not having it done is SO much worse than just sucking it up and getting it done. Once that is over, no more excuses, I am getting out of this funk once and for all. In the meantime: naps, shrink, positive thoughts.

Oh, and vacation to New York: countdown is 2 weeks. YIPEE!

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Petra said...

WOW -- certainly feel your pain on this one. Although you know it's the best thing, shaking the stress and getting out of the "funk" is SOOO hard. I try to remember your sister's words: "This too shall pass" (she said that a few times when Skylar was born and it's stuck). Although it doesn't make everything go away, it does remind me that the stress isn't permanent and eventually, things will change and get better.

As far as mourning goes, that's doubly hard. The aching does cease with time, and the happy memories eventually take it's place too. You're lucky you've got so many to choose from!!


PS - you deserve that upcoming vacation!

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