Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to ..... ME!

YAY -- well, I just celebrated my birthday weekend, technically, I am not older until tomorrow, but the spoiling began this weekend. I am a lucky girl!

For the weekend, we started by getting out of town. We went up to Washington and stayed with some very dear friends. Thank you to Adam, Mandi, Cooper and Cloey for sharing your beautiful house with us, it is always so comfortable and pleasant. The boys sent us on a little shopping spree on Saturday, Travis sent me to buy myself some gifts, while they watched the kiddos for the day. That is the best gift ever because usually, there is always guilt that comes with spoiling myself. This time I shed all guilt and got myself some new shoes and clothes. Downtown Portland shopping is hard to beat! When we were done, we went back to the house, sent the kids to Grammy's house and went to dinner! We ate at:


It was delicious. We had great food and great company. (recommendation is to go during happy hour and order this:)

I don't think these little potstickers can be beat, they were SO good!

We lounged around, watched movies, ate popcorn and cookies for breakfast. It was great. On our way home, we decided to stop and eat at cascade station, which then led us to Marshall's, Ross, and a successful trip to Ikea. Afterwards, we headed to Abby's Pizza to pick up dinner to go and stopped and shared it with Travis' mom. It was a great finale to a great weekend.

Yeah, I feel pretty lucky.

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