Tuesday, October 13, 2009

new job.

Well, I am sure you are all wondering how is the new job? I love it so far! It is GREAT! I work from 7-3. Until 1:00 it is spent with about 7 cute 3 year-olds.... crazy, but SO much fun. At 1:00, I get office time. Curriculum, meetings, emails, etc. Best of both worlds. Right when I need to break away, I get to go to my little office and have some alone time. Since I am done at 3:00, I have at least 45 minutes...best part... ALL TO MYSELF! With NO responsibility, child, NOTHING. That is just unheard of. Today I got 30 minutes of cardio in, felt good. (well, bad, but good. You know).

I think this is going to be the perfect balance for me. I am lucky because with kid curriculum, I will get to use my creative side. Since I am in an immersion classroom, I will be able to make and recreate books in a new language, a.k.a. use my graphic design degree/skills. However, what I missed at the Lottery, was the kids. This way, I will still get to work with kids and use my creative side. I am excited.

Tomorrow, we head to the pumpkin patch - in the rain. On Friday, I had the day off but went to the Pumpkin patch with Travis and Sophia (and the K-5 Program, and Travis's work)... It was beautiful and sunny.... Not sure that will be the case tomorrow! Here are some pics from the first trip to the patch.

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Petra said...

Yaaaa!!!! I am so happy for you! Sounds like things really worked out for the best and you SOOOO deserve it.


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