Saturday, February 7, 2009

It's been awhile..

Well, I just thought I better post since it has been awhile. Unfortunately, with the puppy and the child and the full time job, the blog gets stuck on the back burner quite frequently! I'm sure you all understand! 

I have not been making my usual blogging rounds as often as I once did, so occasionally, I spend some time and look through all the blogs I love so much. I start with the family and friends, (which I check daily..) then if time allows, I wander into some others. There is a weird fascination that I have with these bloggers... Mainly design blogs, there is an entire online, design blog community. They are all SUPER talented and have jobs AND seem to post on their blogs daily, and when I visit them, I am reminded of why I love design. It is something I can't really explain, but sometimes, I secretly want to live their lives (with Travis and Sophia, of course). Here are just a couple of the TOP picks:
I am in love with her, and not only does she fall into the category mentioned above, but she just had a beautiful wedding and a super long honeymoon.... in Australia. Jealous. I secretly think we are best friends... but she doesn't know me, creepy. sorry.
I am pretty sure I have mentioned this blog before, she is possibly one of the better known bloggers and great designer as well.
For now, I will leave it at that, but there happens to be an entire list and I will try to get them all on here at some point-- maybe as their own post. 

Another thing I have fallen in love with lately is a product called envirotex. I am pretty sure this name is contradictory, because I think it has nothing good to do with the enviro-ment. BUT, I love it. It is an epoxy that you just pour on to something and it seals it up. (Think coasters, magnets, plaques) So, I have decided to experiment with it quite a bit and I have been making sets of magnets. Here are the latest sets... I haven't attached the magnets yet, but just so you get the idea:

I am hoping to get crazy with this stuff and make some jewelry pendants, beads, bracelets, earrings, photo holders, etc, etc, etc and THAT will be the beginning of Etsy. It's all just a matter of time (and that, I lack). But I have a couple of creative goals this year and the Etsy shop is definitely one of them.

Beyond the creative and design-y world, all else is good. Nico is getting big and she is very sweet. I can't believe how quick she is growing, I think she has almost doubled in size. Sophia is also growing so fast. She is an amazing reader, she can sound out just about anything you put in front of her, in English and Chinuk. I am SO proud of her, I called her teacher the other day to thank her for all she has done this year -- guess what -- I got all choked up and started to cry, WHO WOULDA THOUGHT! I am such a sissy. Oh well, there could be worse things. 

Well, until next time... !Ciao¡

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Petra said...

Ahhh... all choked up! I miss you guys. Can't wait to see more of your creative work and also your smiling face in a month. XO ~ P

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