Tuesday, January 13, 2009


We spent the weekend at the coast with Mandy, Tyson and the boys, we had a great time. We rented a big two level room at the Embarcadero and just relaxed! We crabbed and clammed and ate and played and it was great. It is funny that when you live by the coast for your whole life, you forget to appreciate it... I was reminded this weekend how beautiful it is and how much I love to go there.  Here Sophia and Moses are horsing around, cuties:

I also have some photos from New Years Eve. We ended up actually going out this year and having a blast. Travis and I are usually guilty of being party poopers, but this year we went for the babysitter and a party. We had a blast ending up with close friends and family at our house having good food, talk and of course, a Wii bowling tournament. Good times.

Don't worry Sandy, as much as I want to post my FAVORITE pic of the night, I will not.  I love you though!!

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E. Street Chronicles said...

While I am ever so glad you did not post it...it would not have surprised anyone as I am sure there are many people that have pictures of me in that very same pose...seems to be my favorite! Love you too, honey and what a fun night, huh?!

Trying to jump on the green train...